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Vein Treatment Costs

We are often contacted by people who are in need of vein treatment and wish to know what their treatment cost will be prior to being seen by the physician.  Unfortunately, there are so many variables related to cost of treatment that it is usually impossible to tell them how much their treatment will cost without actually seeing them first.  Variables such as the number of veins that need to be treated, vein size, which procedure or procedures will be best suited to that individual, number of sessions required for treatment, insurance coverage (including deductibles, policy exclusions, in network vs out of network benefits, etc...)  will all come in to play, and to try to guess the cost breakdown for someone we have not seen is usually impossible.

That having been said, what we can tell you is that once we have seen you for a consultation, and the doctor has had a chance to examine your legs, and our office manager has had a chance to review your insurance policy and speak to your insurance representative, we will absolutely be able to give you a cost estimate for your treatment. Furthermore, all out of pocket costs will be established prior to starting any treatment at our office so there will never be financial surprises.

Finally, several of our patients have requested that we post some information about in-network vs. out-of-network treatment.  While many patients will try to have at least some of their work done by an in-network physician, it is always best if that physician is a vein specialist, or at least someone who devotes a significant amount of time to vein practice.  The trap here is that some people think they will always save money by seeing an in-network doctor for some of their required treatment.  Unfortunately, in many cases this turns out to be false.  We have seen patients sent for unnecessary tests, placed under general anesthesia for treatment (never needed!!!), kept in the hospital overnight, and so on, all of which adds up, even if you are only paying an in-network deductible.  Those patients end up coming back to us to "complete" their treatment, only to discover that some or all of the treatment needs to be repeated because it was not done properly the first time, and when final costs are calculated it becomes clear that it would have been less expensive to have us take care of the entire treatment from the start.